Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on me

I had a MRI and found out I have Degenerative Disc and Arthritis in my spine. But I will survie it. I am trying physcial Threapy and a tens unit along with a pain blocker shot wish me luck. I will post pics of my stitching as I get back into it.


Fiona's creations said...

Hi Donna I had this too with spinal stenosis just a bit of arthritis lat year I had an spinal operation and I still haven't recuperated can't walk yet without a walker no climbing stairs still am on heavy duty painkillers. I tried the painblockers and the therapyIn the end I needed the surgery. The surgeon told us the operation would take 3 hrs I would be out of hospital in 5 - 7 days . well it as 5 hrs and a 5 month hospital stay. I had another complication I have Kidney disease and am on dialysis. wishing you best of luck I am Fiona and live in Canada

Shirli said...

Hi Donna, I wish you much luck in dealing with the back problems. My friend has that & now does stretching & other exercises in a pool 3X/wk. & has found that to be quite helpful. Isn't it nice that we can stitch regardless of most other things that go on? =)